Who am I?



My name is Cassandra. I am a 28 year old stay at home mom to a beautiful baby girl named Belle Eloise. I got married in May 2016 and we had our daughter in June 2017. I have a passion for anything that allows my creativity to flow. From writing blog posts, making videos, scrapbooks, poetry, photography and everything in between. 

I started writing a blog in 2011 which started as an outlet to inspire others with my experiences. Even if it were to inspire just one person. Unexpectedly, I received great feedback from around the world that gave me the confidence to expand myself which is when my YouTube channel was born. Naturally with everything else in life, I have evolved into the person I am today. I continue to create content that reflects on my own personal experiences and I look forward to sharing them with you! 

We are obsessed with Disney World, traveling, finding the best pizza joints and long walks (when it’s not winter... I HATE winter hahaha) I love to collect and play with makeup. Also I enjoy dipping my toes into the fashion world. I consider myself as a free spirited creative soul that loves to explore, leaving no stone unturned. I am unafraid to stand up for what I believe in and find courage from my everyday life and all the amazing people in it. 

I enjoy sharing my philosophies about life and everything that surrounds it. I believe we should stand together and empower one another for a stronger and better world which would give us all the freedom to be who we truly want to be, breaking away from society’s cookie cutter expectations. I believe you should have the freedom to be the best version of you!  

“Embrace today for the beauty it brings, the love it shares and the dreams it brings to life.”

-Cassandra L Pérès