Launch Event For #Dessange

Howdy everyone! Just last week I packed my bags and visited some family and friends. While I was in town my sister Angela and I attended a haircare launch event for a company called Dessange which is owned by L’Oréal Paris. Dessange has already been around for a while in France but it’s just beginning to debut in Canada! In another post I will go into detail about the products I received at this event as this post is more about the event itself. I still have to throughly test out the products I received to form an all around opinion about the products. With that being said, lets talk about the event itself!

Upon arriving I got greeted by some very friendly PR people for L’Oréal and Associates of Dessange, one of which I have been emailing for the past few months as she helps me with anything I may need or gives me a heads up when something is happening. She is absolutely amazing as she was kind of enough to have invited me to this event.

After dropping my jacket off at the coatcheck I then strolled on into a magnificent gallery enticed with pictures of beautiful women accompanied with historical facts about Dessange. We were greeted with some champaign with fresh raspberries and mint. Also there was a nice little display with all the products soon available in Canada (Starting in March) 

Angela and I looked around, talked to some of the hair models and snacked at the dessert table because lets face it, who can say no to dessert? 

After, there was a presentation about the hair care products; educating us on what it is and whats special about it (Again, I will go into detail in another beauty post!) Then Angela and I ate some pretty fancy appetizers. There was a lot of sea food which Angela isn’t too found of. Me however; I love sea food so you could imagine how happy I was. We did some socializing, met some pretty cool people, learned about Dessange and ate yummy food. All in all the event was very well put together as I enjoyed this sophisticated dazzling evening! 

My sister and I definitely did not leave empty handed as they gave us a bag full of goodies on the way out! I look forward to trying these products as I have pretty high hopes for them. 

Below you will find some pictures my sister and I took while at the event. Also I will include this weeks vlog at the bottom of this post because I vlogged a bit at the event. 


XOXO Cassandra

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