#MarcelleWomen Event

Hello everyone! So earlier today I had the honor of attending a marvelous event called the #MarcelleWomen Event. Marcelle cosmetics is a French-Canadian brand that I’ve been working with lately, coinciding with their skin perfecting cream which I will be writing a review on in the next little while. 

Anyway... I had a lot of fun meeting other beauty bloggers and also you can’t forget the beautiful actress Karine Vanasse! If you don’t know who she is, she is not only the ambassador for Marcelle Cosmetics but she plays a roll in one of my favorite shows; Revenge. So this was very exciting for me! Also Makeup artist Jean-Francoise was there promoting Marcelle’s Eyebrow products and I got mine “Filled in” for the first time... I don’t really need to fill them in but this was fun!

So I am just gonna jump right into it and show you a bunch of pictures! Yay!