Domestic Violence

The uncertainty of the morning musk as the sun weaves its way through the curtains, projecting on your face with the impressionable image of your skins enhanced glow. Innocent, still ignorant as to what the new day will bring forward, you reluctantly expose your still dilated pupils from the darkness of your eyelids.

Your moment of despair is then interrupted by a loud THUMP! There he is, in front of you, frantically waving his arms with a bottle of water in his hands, spitting out a bunch of words that doesn’t quit make sense, pushes over the box of wires that were on your dresser out of lack of communication skills, out of desperation to force a fight down your throat.

A recurring war that somehow still takes you by surprise. Your immediate reaction is to blankly stare at his, what appears to be mentally insane self. Trying to assess the situation at hand. Still not knowing what exactly is setting off this time bomb, you proceed to get off the bed to try to take control of the situation. The result, him forcefully putting his strong out of control hands on your shoulders to push you back down on the bed to remind you who the superior is.

You feel your heart racing against time. All your senses seem amplified. You can feel your blood pressure rising as your body temperature races to match. Then, based on the fact you have yet to find the strength to give him a good fight back, he vigorously throws the open bottle of water at you.

Your excuse. You love him. You would never allow anyone to treat you this way. This is an unquestionable act of domestic violence yet you still find yourself giving excuses as to why it’s okay. You’re so brainwashed by his opposing personality. You would rather let him break your heart then you break his.

What you don’t realize is that this unquestionable act of domestic violence doesn’t just effect you, it effects everyone around you. Your friends, family and even your neighbors. Find the strength in your every day inspirations and demand for the life at you deserve. Lastly, #DropThatZeroGetYourselfAHero