10 ways to get your zen on!

There are times in life when you might be feeling overwhelmed, over excited or you might feel like too much is just going on at once whether they be positive, negative or a mixture of both. We all need our moments of Zen, (A place of clarity with a sense of calm) so I put together a list to help you find your Zen moment.

1) Breathe. Take a deep breath while closing your eyes and slowly exhale. Repeat as many times as you wish. This exercise helps regulate your heartbeat and gives you a few moments to focus on something else.

2) Understand yourself. Understand and recognize your feelings. If you’re having difficulties with this, what I do is put on some music and I get magnetically drawn to music that is relevant to the way I feel. For example if I’m in a loving mood I automatically start listening to Usher.

3) Explore all options. If you come across a certain problem think about every possible option. If you take the time to organize your thoughts most of the time you will realize that you have more options than you originally thought.

4) Do some physical activity. There are a lot of different things that you could do here. It all depends on who you are and what you actually enjoy. If you’re anything like me you will want to get creative. A simple gym session isn’t really that much fun to me however I love going rollerblading or doing some yoga.

5) Explore your artistic side. Whether it is painting, creative approaches to projects or writing poetry. Letting your artistic side flow awakes part of your brain and allows you to express yourself in a positive manner

6) Drink water. And plenty of it! Step away from alcohol and drugs, especially if you’re searching for a moment of Zen. Chemically altering your mind does nothing positive and only provides you with Band-Aid solution. You could find yourself in embarrassing situations that are difficult to overcome.

7) Know your weaknesses. Recognizing your areas of weakness allow you to address them and work on them. Every day is another day to build our own personal strength. With this strength building comes clarity.

8) Reach out. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the people around you whether it is a significant other, a family member or a close friend. You’d be surprised how much insight this could bring to you.

9) Read. Whether you curl up to a good Stephen King book or your favorite magazine it’s always a good idea to read and it could be done anywhere with easy accessibility.

10) Memorabilia. Look at photo albums, scrapbooks or even things that you have made. These things usually bring some sort of positive feelings of clarity.