5 Ways To boost self esteem and confidence

Boosting self-esteem gives you the confidence to keep moving forward and is an important aspect to achieving success. It is inevitable that we all go through tough times that can take a toll on our self-esteem. So how do we push through these hard times and come out on top? I have compiled a list of 5 ways to help you during these times in need! I hope you find this insightful and is exactly what you needed to either continue going through life with confidence or to gain your confidence back again because if you want others to believe in you, you have to believe in yourself first.


1.Set goals then accomplish them! Big or small, nothing feels better for your self-esteem than accomplishing goals! For example, I wanted to create a new landing page for my website because I wanted a certain functionality while being aesthetically pleasing. Once I set that goal, I thought about it for a few days to create a visual in my head so when I tackle it I had an idea of what direction I wanted to go. Then when I decided I was ready I sat in front of my computer and began working on it. For what ever I didn’t know how to do; I did some research to gain the proper knowledge then put everything together. After just a few short hours my new landing page was complete. Every time I load my website I can confidentially say, “Hey, I did this!” 


2.Be consistent! It’s great that you have been accomplishing your goals, now keep it up! I set a goal tomake a new video every week. It’s easy to go off track because I was an infamous user of the excuse, “I’ll do it tomorrow” and tomorrow would come, then history would repeat itself! Well, as of writing this blog post I am going on 8 weeks of consistency in accordance to my YouTube channel! What did I learn from sticking to my guns? Well how about a 433% increase in monthly subscribers! I mean that’s got to affect ones self-esteem positively right?


3.Prepare. If you’re going into a school exam and you didn’t study, how confident would you be that you’re going to do well? Probably not that confident as you would be wishing that you prepared. Some goals require you to do your research and expand your knowledge especially if you’re an entrepreneur like myself. Before launching my graphic t-shirt line I did a lot of research in different fabrics, the best materials that would result in the best quality also, how I wanted to structure my online store. This might be a little timely but it is all worth it in the end because it’s a matter of weeks from now that I will finally get to confidentially launch it. (YAY!)


4.Be brave. Even if you don’t feel brave sometimes in life we have to take a leap of faith that will lead us to our bigger successes! I originally started blogging because one the few who saw my poetry or things I’d write down in my journals, encouraged me. I used to be shy about showing anyone because I was scared what others would think. Well that was over 3 years ago and I can tell you I am confident as ever because I have built such an amazing Cassandrapedia community! So much so that I am consistently taking the initiative to adding even more value to my branding including blogging, working with guest writers, my online store, making videos and building a real connection with my friends, family and online friends!


5.Accept responsibility. Whether good or bad, acceptresponsibility for everything that you do! The sooner you accept responsibility the sooner you can take the next appropriate action. I started talking about my t-shirt line a little pre-maturely. I was just so excited to be doing this project that I just had to let the world know! Well that was a few months ago. Around this time would have been more appropriate to tell the world because now, I am prepared and everything is lined up and ready to go. But, that’s okay! In a way it kept my passions alive and pushed me to continue through with this goal. I know that once my graphic t-shirt line is available it will go as well as it could possibly go because a lot of love went into it.


Thank you guys for reading today’s blog post! You should always believe in yourself. You never know how close you could be from accomplishing what ever it is that you set out to do. Be patient! Some goals take a little longer than others to reach and thats okay. :)


XOXO Cassandra