7 Steps To Becoming Positive

You’re at a point in your life thinking how did I even get here?  Nothing seems to be working out for you and it seems you have so many forces against you that maybe you weren’t meant to be happy. Maybe this is the life that you were dealt with and you’re going to have to accept it. Right? I can confidently say without a doubt that if you are in this state of mind; YOU’RE WRONG. I’ve been there. I was there a couple years ago. Working for a dead end job in the cell phone industry, just so I can pay bills. I was surrounded by people who didn’t bring anything positive to my life and seem to think very little of me. Covering up the pain I was living through by excessively working or occupying myself with hours of solitaire or online puzzles. I put together a list of 7 steps that I took to get to where I am today just to show you that anything is possible.

  1. 1.Get rid of everyone negative. Seems like common sense but it’s easier said than done. Those people are there in the first place because they have some sort of history with you and it may seem like they have some sort of hold on you. Unfortunately these people will slow you down and only have their best interests in mind not yours. The quicker you get rid of them the faster you’ll get to being happy and doing something with your life.

  2. 2.Cut your losses. Leave no ties to the negative people that you cut out of your life even if they owe you money for example. Consider this loss as an investment towards a happier life. Ain’t nobody got time to be chasing people around.

  3. 3.Goals. If you don’t like where your life is now then where would you like your life to be? Listen to yourself. For me I love to write. I started out with poetry and went from there. Now I have a successful blog that enabled me to work for myself, I am close to have consistent videos for my Vlog, I have a line coming out to reflect my personality and I get to work with other writers on an amazing project that you guys will hear more about soon. That’s not even everything because there’s so much more to come!

  4. 4.Consistency. You set a goal, that’s GREAT! Now stick to your guns and consistently execute. To see results, it wont be instant and you will have to keep working on them and figure out what does work and what doesn’t.  

  5. 5.Be Social. Meet new people with similar goals as you. You will find these people encouraging and bring a positive impact to your life. These are the people that you can count on to bring you and your goals the support and inspiration they need.

  6. 6.Take it all in. Realize the fact that to do the above you had to have courage and you already strengthen yourself.  You took it upon yourself to create an opportunity for growth! Your determination got you here. Keep the determination going and continue on with your goals.

  7. 7.Confidence. This plays a major role in your success. Be confident in everything you do. It will show in what ever goals you accomplish and your confidence is what keeps pushing you to go further.

Lesson? Never give up. Always strive for what makes you happy and never let anyone get in your way. Let your confidence be unstoppable. Make the decision today to succeed.