My Engagement Story

Wait... What I'm engaged? To my friends and family, this is of no surprise but to my online community it would be! As I don't post photos with my now fiancé. Why is that? Simply, he is a private person and would like to not have his photos on the Internet. However, he's been nothing but supportive and encouraging of my online... Persona? 


Alright now that I have covered it, just fast forward to one of the most life changing days I've had so far. The proposal. 


It is not abnormal for us to take trips together as it's something we've always enjoyed doing. So when he offered a trip to France, Monaco and Italy, for my 25th birthday, I was absolutely delighted to say the least! I've never been to France yet there are so many points of interest; All the little cities along the French Rivera and of course PARIS! After spending a week soaking up the sun of la côte-d’azure and northern Italia, we flew up north to the romantic city of Paris! Ahh Paris! We spent the first few days visiting some of the touristic spots and historical monuments that Paris is famous for!  


And then the proposal....


The night before my birthday, around 10pm, he took me to the five star hotel's award wining restaurant who's head chef is a world renowned master chef! The excitement for my birthday was upsetting my stomach because my then boyfriend kept saying he had some surprises up his sleeve. And if you know me, then you know that surprises are next to impossible to pull off, but this time, I didn't quite know what he was up to. Anyway, back to the restaurant, I ordered this fancy dish that has prawns and vegetables because it looked light to adhere to my tummy which was bursting with butterflies. He ordered a kobe beef dish. Both were guaranteed to be cooked by the head chef just for us! Then, the waiter comes out with this concoction that we were told was created just for me named "L'amuse-bouche de Cassandra"which was a yogurt textured goodness with various shaved vegetables, some roughly cut multi colour truffles and the best part... Edible flowers. I was a little skeptical at first sight... I mean, I've never eaten flowers before! I took a bite and fell in love! It was absolutely divine! I find myself craving it has I write this blog post. 


Then, the main course arrives to our table. The second the waiter put down the plates I was mesmerized by the beauty of how the chef placed the dishes! Oh it was definitely something else! AND there were some of the flowers from the previous dish delicately placed on this dish. I can confidentially say that dinner was magnificent! 


Around 11pm, one of the waitresses proceeds to tell us that they're ready for us on the rooftop! I thought to myself... Hmm the rooftop!? Didn't we just eat? (Because there is another restaurant, nightclub and outdoor lounge up there.) So after some light conversation we got escorted sky high.


When we got there, it had a snobbish bar like vibe. I wasn't really feeling it, to be honest. A waitress escorted us to our special table. We walk past the seating, onto a path which led to a private garden that is restricted and off limits to all hotel guests and rooftop nightlife's patrons (liability issues in all) then goes off the path into a narrow trail by the roof's edge (scary) which lead to this little spot in the middle of nowhere, very "Alice In Wonderland", magical, intimate, out of a romantic fairy tale novel, the gardens lit up with candles, accompanied with a little table and two chairs. I look back at my then boyfriend with a smirk as I can feel my face blushing... I then sat down and he said what do you see ahead of you? I look ahead and notice the Eiffel Tower all lit up within view! At this point I felt like the luckiest girl on the planet. It was like having a private viewing of one of the most romantic monument on the planet, all to myself, luckiest girl in the world. He even made sure there was a comfy warm blanket on my chair because the night was a little chilly! 


I looked down at that little table, noticed all the menus from the hotel's restaurants & bars, so much choice... What to do? I really wasn't hungry because I just ate! As we decided to share a cheese platter, two waitresses were making their way to our little spot with flashlights. When they arrived, they took the menus away and one of the waitresses puts down a dessert plate. A triple chocolate mouse cake with actual gold flakes on top and platinum flakes pressed on around the bottom of the cake. Paper thin, edible precious metals?! Incredible. Then the other staff hands me a drink and proceeds to tell me the lounge's resident world famous bartender (known for his exotic creations, won countless awards, incredible mixologist!) made it in my honour! It was a flawless melange of vodka, caramel, raspberries and white chocolate foam. I then later found out, to top it all, that this drink will be named after me and put on the menu! You could only imagine how special I felt at this moment! 


My amazingly romantic boyfriend and I engage in conversation while embracing this nostalgic moment. Around 11:50 I begin to hear the music from the restaurant get 20x louder than usual to realize that the song "time of our lives" from "Dirty Dancing" was playing. I'm sure at this point, the water works start, as tears begin to fill my eyes because this is my ultimate romance song of all time... And my favourite movie is "Dirty Dancing"! So of course, we stood up and naturally begun dancing to it as I lay my head on his shoulders with the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower lighting up the city of love.


My boyfriend was very adamant on me looking at the Eiffel Tower after we finished dancing because at the stroke of midnight the Eiffel tower started to sparkle! He then told me to close my eyes and make my birthday wish on the sparkling Eiffel Tower (his version of a birthday candle). So I promptly closed my eyes shut and made a wish. It's bad luck to say what you wish for on your birthday but let's just say everyday my wish continues to get more and more true! 


When I opened my eyes, my boyfriend got down on one knee and began speaking the key lyrics to “time of my life” (~I've had the time of my life and I've never felt this way before and I swear this is true and I owe it all to you...~) It's a little bit of a blur because I could feel what life changing event was going to happen next! As he finished the above, followed by an incredibly romantic little speech, he asked me to marry him in both French and English while reaching into his pocket nervously and blinding me with the most beautiful ring I've ever seen seconds later! I became overwhelmed with joy as, he, now fiancé, reminded me that I needed to answer. Oops. 


I managed to find the words in this speechless moment to finally say YESSS in three or five languages, can't recall! 


This feels totally surreal to me. I am still in shock as I could of never imagine this happening to me! I would like to write some more wedding related posts because I plan on doing some DIY's for the wedding so stay tuned for that! 




Cassandra A.K.A a future Mrs!