Relationship Advice

Relationships are important aspects to our everyday lives whether it's with yourself, a significant other, friendships, family or employers... So it is apparent to maintain and optimize these relationships to their full potential. Today I am going to be talking about a specific type of relationship; the type that you share with a significant other! 


Many times I get asked; whether it be a friend or even a family member, on relationship advice and what it takes to survive the rough terrains of life. We all have our own needs and what we would feel is the ideal relationship but in general we all want to feel loved, secure and appreciated when with someone we love. Especially if you're with someone that you can see yourself being with for a long time to come. 


Getting to know someone is a lot of work. It can be very time consuming! So before you head down that road make sure you know yourself first. Know what would make you happy, what you look for in life and know what you want. Yeah I know this is harder said than done, this is why we date I suppose, because through dating we figure this out. If you're anything like me, it could take going through a bad relationship to really figure everything out. In saying that, not everyone has to go through that but seeing as this is my blog I'm more speaking from my own personal experience which is where I can give the best of advices. 


I stayed with someone for almost three years that made me feel unworthy and insecure because I never felt like I was truly accepted for who I was as I found myself always having to explain myself even if I couldn't answer the phone because I was simply doing the dishes. Nobody should live in fear and have to explain every little thing to the point where you have to provide proof to your significant other. Especially when you've never actually betrayed their trust. For years I thought maybe this is all I deserved out of life (hence the insecure part) but eventually I gathered the courage and removed myself from this toxic situation. 


It was going through this that made me realize things for what they were. Looking back at that bad relationship, it wasn’t me that was unworthy, it was him. I definitely do not wish these experiences onto anyone as they can take a toll on them which is why almost four years later I decided shine a light on my experience and maybe use it to bring positivity to others by help guiding them to a better place.


After this horrible experience I completely changed my life. I promised myself no one would ever take advantage of my kindness ever again. That sounded cold I know but eventually my heart naturally opened up to someone who truly deserves it. Someone who loves and appreciates me for who I am and is always supportive to my growth over the years. Someone who is understanding and patient. Someone I can tell anything and everything to.   


If you're reading this blog looking for answers, you're looking in the wrong place. The best place to get the answers you're looking for, are in your own relationship and communicating with your significant other. They say that communication can either make or break a relationship and it's been in my experience that this is completely true. 


Take a step back and look at your relationship as a whole! Does this person make you laugh? Do they encourage you? Are they honest with you? Does this person make you feel happy and good about yourself? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself. What ever you feel is important to your well being and for the longevity of your relationship, are the types of questions you should ask yourself. If you don't like all the answers, this is where you can sit down and talk to your significant other and let them know how you feel. This is where communication is very important. Nobody can read your mind, and don't assume so. If your significant other comes to you with how they feel, listen. This works both ways!


Alright guys, I'm going to wrap up today's post! Giving relationship advice is difficult because we are all different. Online relationship advice isn’t a one size fits all type of thing... In saying that I hope you found today’s post helpful and insightful!


I know I haven't been posting so much on my blog section lately because I've been focusing on my beauty section and my channel. With the holiday season, it's the busiest time of the year in the PR department for most companies which is why I've been doing a lot of beauty collaborations. I am currently working on a fun collaboration that will be up on my channel and blog by next week! Yay!


Take good care of each other,