Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom

Hi everyone! This week as part of my mini travel series I am going to share with you guys Walt Disney World and Orlando studios! 

Today we're starting off with Magic Kingdom! For those of you who don't know, Walt Disney World (located in Florida) is made up of four parks and two waterparks. This week I won't be covering the water parks or the "Downtown Disney" part, but will be covering the four parks. Walt Disney World is huge! It even has it's own transit system with busses, trains and even boats to get you to all the parks or to your hotel assuming you're staying on a disney resort. If you plan on going to Disney I recommend you to download the app where you will have access to wait times, maps, booking fast passes, checking up on your memory maker or booking reservations to eat. The park actually offers free wifi making it much more convenient. Gives you something to do while waiting in lines for rides! 

Magic Kingdom is the heart of Walt Disney World. As my first time coming here I was simply taken away by the magic. So much so that I didn't take a whole lot of pictures of Magic Kingdom because I was just lost in the moment! (Sorry guys!) The park was crawling with Disney Characters from Micky Mouse to your favorite Disney princesses... ahem Jasmin ahem... Hahaha! 

Out of all the parks this one is more geared towards the little ones however even I, a 25 year old woman, I had so much fun! I just loved the whole ambiance of the park.

Anyway, enjoy!