Canadian Niagara Falls

Hello everyone! 

The weather lately certainly has been amazing! I actually got married last weekend (May 21 2016) and we were blessed with great weather so I was ecstatic about that. Part of my wedding gift; my husband flew down my good friend Krystle and her husband from Winnipeg to Toronto, to surprise me on my wedding day and boy was I ever surprised! I actually cried the second Krystle walked in the morning of my wedding! 

Anyway that's not the point of this post, hahaha. While I only get to see my friend once or twice a year we decided to head to Niagara falls for the day as her flight back home wasn't until Monday night. So we woke up super super early (5:15am) on Monday, met up, had some breakfast at Starbucks then headed to Niagara. Now usually I don't wake up this early but on this day I am glad we did, as it was Victoria day in Canada so we imagined it might be busy. However when we arrived, travelers were still asleep so we breezed through a bunch of the falls attractions and we were done just in time for lunch! We ate at Planet Hollywood where we scarfed down giant burgers that only Krystle's husband could finish! 

Then after refueling we decided to do some indoor attractions. I totally recommend getting one of those passes that allows you to do multiple attractions. Niagara Falls offers these packages for both the falls attractions as well as the indoor attractions for which we took advantage of both. Maid of the mist- When you aboard the boat and sail next to the falls and one of the wax museums are my top two favourite! 

Enjoy some of the photos we took down below! :)

Thanks so much for reading... Have you ever visited the falls? If so, let me know what's your favourite thing to do there!