The Truth About Me

I've started so many blog posts and not finished them because I worry immensely that it will offend this person or that person. Not that I care what others think of me, I just wouldn't want to be the cause of someone's sadness or anger because there's already enough of that nonsense bullshit in this world. I'm all about positive vibes and bringing positivity to the community I've created, yet sometimes people still think the worst of me. Point of this little story? It doesn't matter what you do, you can't make everyone happy. Too many people are fighting their own battles in their lives and unfortunately they will still use you as an outlet for their stupidness. So why are you holding back being who you really want to be... For what? The more you do you, the more resistance you will feel. From my own personal experience, society tells you to be yourself but the moment you go off and pave your own path it's like, "oh you can't do that." 

Screw that.

You wanna be a unicorn and fart rainbows, you do just that. 

Seriously! Who makes all these people with their unwanted opinions, even qualified to decided how you live your life anyway? I find that some people are just so easily manipulated by drama and negativity. How about we all stop being like all these basic bitches and just do what makes us happy. Since when did it become acceptable to rain on each other's parades and treat gossips like facts? It's ridiculous really. 

I've created my blog and YouTube channel as a positive outlet to deal with my own personal struggles in hopes to inspire others and maybe do something productive and for the most part, I've gotten tons of positive feedback and support from friends, family and the hundreds of thousands of people who follow me from all around the world. For that I thank you so much as each and every one of you have helped me more than you could ever know! 

My blog and Youtube channel was also created to celebrate life's victories. What ever it may be that motivates me to share something it comes right from my heart. Just today's post so happens to be about one of my struggles and getting past it.

Anyway, thanks for reading today's post and I will see you in the next one!