Heading into Motherhood

Baby girl doing the thinker pose and looking cute in her 20 week scan!

Baby girl doing the thinker pose and looking cute in her 20 week scan!

Being a little over half way through my pregnancy I can't help but feel overwhelmed, scared and excited for what is yet to come! Being parents is something that my husband and I have been talking about since even before we were married last year. We would have long conversations about how we would like to raise our children, the things we would do, the things we would need to plan for etc. Both my husband and I had rather rocky childhoods so it made it even more scarier as we obviously want to get the parents of the year award because you know, thats a thing! Joking aside we as most parents-to-be want what's best for our children.

I think when it comes to big changes in your life you can logistically prepare yourself with extensive planning and research however, with all this planning and research we have put into this rather large step in our lives I don't think that you can ever be fully prepared. The are just so many unknown variables! You don't know the personality of your children and what would work with them until they're actually born. I feel as new parents we would have to be willing to adapt to our children because parenting isn't a one size fits all type of thing. I also firmly believe that parental respect needs to be earned in order to obtain a healthy relationship with your children. Having the mentality "I gave birth to you so you have to respect me" is ridiculous in my humble opinion. I grew up in a "scare tactics" kind of environment and I feel like it just leads to resentment with a side order of psychological issues. Adulthood for me was a crazy learning curve of self awareness, self respect and self-esteem and believe me this wasn't an easy journey.

Maybe I am starting to sound like a rambling pregnant woman or maybe I am on to something. I suppose only time can tell! As I can feel my baby girl dance around all day I can't help to be overwhelmed with so much love as she is already an incredible human being. She gives me the strength to continue to progress to the type of mother I aspire to be.