Belle Eloise Is Four Months Old!

Belle Eloise is four months old today... Her four month check up went well! She is hitting milestones of a six month old. She is rolling both ways, laughing and even responding to her name. She babbles for days! The other night she actually babbled herself to sleep... hahaha. She grabs her toys with both hands and wants to put everything in her mouth. One of her favorite toys is one where she has to press the leaf for the owl to come up and she is already understanding how it works! She is just so intelligent. 

Her pediatrician said we can start her on solids! So my husband and I are very excited for that! I'm still continuing to breastfeed 99% of the time, however my husband is thrilled to be able to feed her once in a while as he has yet to do so, due to my exclusive breastfeeding. 

Below are some photos I took for her four month photoshoot!