Belle Eloise is Six Months Old!


As we approach this half a year milestone we are in absolute awe of our beautiful daughter. She is just so incredibly intelligent and ahead of her time for sure! I know I didn't put up a five month update as we were traveling during that time so this update will be the last two months. We took Eloise to Disney World when she was five months old and she loved it! Theres actually so much to do for an infant as talking about bringing an infant to Disney World would be a whole separate blog post that I will be working on shortly. 

Eloise loves to smile, giggle and communicate to everyone. She says "Mama" A LOT and has also started to say "Dada". Honestly our hearts melt when she says these things. One of the biggest milestones however would be that two of her teeth have come in! (At 5 months) I know! Crazy right?! We were on our way to the Ben and Jerry's factory for a tour and she stuck my hand in her mouth and chomped really hard, all of a sudden I felt a sharp prick on my finger. It actually caught me by surprise so I looked in her mouth and sure enough a tooth just starting to break skin. A second tooth followed within a week or so. She's been handling teething like a champ! She loves her Sophie the Giraffe; so much so, she has three of them! 

Another big milestone is when I put her in the exersaucer, she tries to stand on her own! I mean is she just going to skip crawling and go right to walking? Probably not but that's an interesting thought! Eloise has been enjoying trying a variety of foods. When ever she tries something new she does the cutest "yuck" face then ends up enjoying it on the third or fourth try. She is still Breastfed and has never been given a bottle or formula. (side note, I believe a fed baby is best regardless if it's formula or breastmilk however I just feel incredibly blessed to be able to continue breastfeeding Eloise even through all her intense growth spurts!) I like to mix in my breastmilk with which ever solids I'm feeding her for an easier transition and it seems she is more sensitive to different textures than different flavors.  

Let's now talk about sleep! She outgrew her doc a tot as she is a very tall girl. We ditched that a while ago. So now we just put her in her crib in her room to sleep at night. Of course without blankets or anything like that, just her. I lay her on her back and she automatically turns herself to her stomach. At first this made me very nervous and I would drive myself crazy turning her back over just for her to go back to her stomach again but upon research I figured out at this stage it's OK. I don't have any bumpers or blankets in her crib. Reading online that it's pretty common for babies to roll to their stomach just because they can, made me feel a little better. I am still checking on her all the time... What? I can't help it! hahaha And in terms of her sleeping she either will sleep 11/12 hours straight or she will wake up half way through one time for her diaper to be changed and to be fed. We of course have had "off nights" but generally she's a great sleeper. I think its a mixture of her eating solids and us keeping her active through the day.

Today's update was a little long and that's because there has been many exciting new things in the last two months! Below of course, I have photos I took for her six month photoshoot. I found it's getting more difficult to get her to cooperate because she just wants to roll, grab things and stretch ahahaha. However she still looks so cute!