Belle Eloise is Three Months Old!

The last three months have been absolutely amazing. I just can't believe how incredibly blessed we are to have such a loving daughter. There are times where I will catch my husband and I just staring at her in disbelief that this incredible little human is ours. The amount of love we have for her is immeasurable! 

We have a full on bed time routine in effect now. My husband and I take turns reading to her every night. He will read to her in french and I in english as we are raising her bilingual. Of course we also speak to her in both languages during the day. Then we bath her followed by massaging her with coconut oil for her ever so delicate skin. After this, it's mommy daughter time in the rocking chair as I nurse her with the lights off and the sound machine on singing her night lullaby. And into the crib she goes and sleeps for maybe 6 or 7 hours! Then we change her diaper and I will nurse her again and she will sleep for another 3 or so hours. She kind of just fell into this routine as she didn't fight it at all so I feel lucky!

She has started teething this month in full effect. She will grab my hand and try to chew on my fingers. (We wash our hands like a million times a day!) So we introduced her to Sophie the Giraffe and she has been learning to teeth with that.

So many little milestones this month! She started to sit on her own without support! She still needs to work on her posture of course but sitting none the less! She started to full blown laugh! That was so exciting to hear. We took her to the pool this month also. Generally she loves bath time so I figured she'd like swimming (The pool is heated!) and I was right she loved it! During tummy time she is starting to wobble to the side to turn over but hasn't quite made it yet... I can tell she is really trying hard to though! She also seems to be more engaged during reading time as she seems mesmerized by the illustrations. She is currently loving Le Petit Prince and The Paper Bag Princess.  

I am still exclusively breastfeeding and honestly it's one of the best decisions I have ever made! I love the bonding time and it's incredibly empowering to know my body is continuously making just what our little bundle of joy needs. She started to spit up less, as I had some forceful letdown (Basically I'd be spraying her with milk sometimes) but my supply has adjusted a little to her and her digestive tract has matured and adapted making for a much more enjoyable experience that I am not willing to give up anytime soon! haha I've also become more comfortable with breastfeeding in public, granted I cover up of course. Bottom line is, If my baby is hungry, I am going to feed her. It's that plain and simple.

Alright guys, I know this update is longer than usual but there was plenty to talk about as she advances into life. Of course, below are the photos from her 3 month photo shoot; Photo's taken by yours truly!