Belle Eloise is Eight Months Old!

With every monthly update I think to myself, Eloise is growing way too fast!. I honestly can't believe that is has been eight beautiful months since the arrival of our baby girl. We have been cherishing every single moment with her. She isn't as cuddly anymore because she is just so curious about everything and just wants to explore. The only cuddle time this momma gets is during breastfeeding so I will take it! haha... 

This is the month of many teeth! She now has seven teeth with another one on its way. So her cheeks have been red because of this. However her mood seems to be in great spirits and her sleeping pattern is amazing. I feel so lucky! For the first few months she cluster fed A LOT! So I am loving the longer sleep stretches at night. 

She has been chatting up a storm this month! She started saying, "dada" more often than momma which makes me a little sad but it's so incredibly heartwarming seeing my husband and her form this special bond. Eloise has started saying longer sentences and it has been fun trying to guess what she is trying to say. Probably something along the lines of, "I love my mommy and daddy so much... They're the best parents on the planet! I will stay little forever!" hahaha just kidding! :) She loves to FaceTime as well! She will grab the phone herself and just stare or laugh at whomever we are FaceTiming. 

Breastfeeding continues! I honestly didn't think I'd actually go as long as I have. We did try to give her a bottle of my breastmilk once but that didn't continue. Solids have been not as fun as I thought it would be because she just wants breastmilk but we still are trying every single day. There are foods she eats like bananas or applesauce no problem. Everything else; Sometimes she loves it and sometimes she doesn't. When she is being fed I try to not be in the same room so she doesn't see me and want to be nursed instead. They say food before one is just for fun, so I suppose that's what we're trying to do! Also I notice she prefers to feed her self and isn't the biggest fan of purees. That's okay, purees are weird! She prefers what ever food she is eating in its original form.

She loves to play with her toys! She still enjoys standing however since she discovered crawling this month, she is always on the move! She loves chasing our dogs around the house hahaha. Our lab doesn't mind as she loves the attention. Our chihuahua is indifferent about it. I also noticed she has good reflexes! She will put her arms out to catch herself. 

Taking her monthly photos has become quite a workout as she is always on the move but they turned out cute either way! She is usually always smiling and laughing but she turned on her sassiness for the photoshoot because she is just a little diva! I'm in trouble... hahaha! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this update and the photos down below.