Belle Eloise is Nine Months Old!

This has been truly an exciting month for Eloise. She is exploring, crawling and getting into things she shouldn't be getting into such as grabbing her Daddy's Lego Porsche replica off our entertainment buffet. Whoopsies.

We have this clock hanging up in our dinning room that plays music if you press a button on the bottom and Eloise loves to press the button to play the music so she can do her little wiggle dance. Also if I say to her, "Where's the clock?" She will turn and point to it. If she is grumpy, the music from the clock instantly cheers her up! 

Eloise can now wave hello and good bye. Although now she is waving at everything! haha Even her own reflection... Speaking of which she LOVES her reflection. We have this very large mirror in our room that she loves to use to interact with her self. 

EVERYTHING is a drum. From the floor, to my legs to random boxes. If she can bang her hands on it she will and she will do it proudly!

At night she sleeps for a good 12 hours straight and let me tell you it is glorious! I think it has to do with the fact she is eating more solids. She loves any fruit I give her, veggies she's kind of meh about and she LOVES chicken. Also those puff snacks for infants are a lifesaver for when I am strolling her around to keep her occupied. Besides the infant puff snacks and greek yogurt, I am still making all her food homemade which is something I didn't really expect to do but hey it works well for us. She is still breastfeeding as I plan to continue until I feel she is ready to wean off.

Her baby eczema only effects her cheeks right now and I think it's mostly because of her teething and the fact it's winter. The baby aveeno products I have been using however, seems to be helping a lot! I don't really see her scratching her face or anything so I don't think it has been bothering her too much so I feel happy about that.    

When I was taking her 9 month photos, all hands had to be on deck because she is a rambunctious little one haha. She kept wanting to eat the "9 months" so I got some photos of that, I will take what I can get at this point! Any. enjoy the photos below.