Achieving Ultimate Happiness


To achieve “ultimate happiness”, we don’t need to be living in some sort of unobtainable utopian world. Also it’s important to note that true happiness doesn’t mean being happy 24/7. Let’s face it, NOBODY is happy 24/7. I’ve had people tell me I’m annoying due to the fact I am “always” happy. Well surprise! I’m a human being just like the rest of you and experience all the other emotions that come with this roller coaster ride of an experience called life. It’s all about having the proper tools necessary to tackle all these emotions so that you can prominently move forward. That is not to say life’s set backs don’t play an important role as well to your happiness. Confusing right? Ugh welcome to my life. 

I believe there are many aspects that attribute to your happiness! However, it really doesn’t need to be as difficult as it may seem!


We all have our own different ideas of what success means to us. For some of us it’s getting an “A” on that exam, a promotion at work or what about finally being able to buy that car you have had your eye on for a long time. What ever it may be generally speaking, success is all about setting these goals and achieving them. Which ever success you get out of life whether big or small take time to appreciate it! Don’t let anyone take that away from you or talk you out of the validity of these successes. Surround yourself with like-minded people that will cheer you on not boo you off! 

Social Media

We live in a day in age where social media plays an inevitable part in our daily lives. It’s so easy to get caught up in the illusion of what a “perfect life” should be, based off of social media Influencers. As an Influencer myself, I can say with absolute certainty that I too experience hardships of life that may not be portrayed adequately. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I can’t speak on behalf of everyone but to me it isn’t about making things look perfect, it’s about focusing on what makes me happy. Also I love the aesthetic of photos when they “flow”. I have an image to uphold to stay desirable to the brands I work with and it’s really about staying as “professional” as can be. Just like any other job out there. In saying that, I would never connect with a brand or promote a product that doesn’t align with my moral code or a product or service I simply don’t like, as I want to be as genuine as possible. However, do not I repeat DO NOT compare yourself to everything you see on social media. Instead just focus on what makes YOU happy. 

The Negative Nancy’s of the world

To be frank with you, it really doesn’t matter what you put out into the world. Someone somewhere is going to have a problem with it. You could upload a cute photo of a kitten and someone might think cats are creepy. Or you go out of your way to help someone and someone else is going to have a problem with it (ahem this has actually happened to me!) Honestly all I have to say to this is; just do you. Don’t allow the approval of others become your motivation! Disapproval can be disappointing sure. Ultimately it is YOU that needs to be happy with what ever it is you’re doing. Don’t give anyone that power over you. Take charge! Those whom are worthy will stick around, don’t you worry. 

Asking for help

I’m seriously the worst at this. I’ve always been a one man show kind of girl. I don’t need help so I don’t want it. My first response when anyone offers is to be offended that they think I even need help. Oh boy there’s just so much wrong with this concept! First of all, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help and not just take on everything all by yourself. I’ve learned that all while people know I am capable, if they can help make things a little easier then why not? No need to unnecessarily strain yourself. It seems a little counterproductive which is totally mute to your objective. BRING IT ON. YES please change my baby’s diaper so I can go pee in peace! 

The tools!

I mentioned earlier about the tools to help you deal with all the other emotions that come with life. First things first. If you’re feeling sad or angry it’s okay. Don’t toss these feelings to the side, I believe it’s important to deal with them and why you are feeling this way. For me, I like to recycle my “negative” energy into something more positive. Yes I’m sad right now so I am going to organize all my thoughts in my diary. I am a very visual person. When I can see the problem more clearly then I’m able to strategize a plan to get past it. You have to find something that works for you. It can be something creative, physical such as working out or even having someone to talk to can be of great help! Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. Oh yeah and it’s okay to cry every once in a while. I mean I hear these allergies can get a little crazy around this time of year... right? 

Set Backs

Ahh the set backs. Think of it this way. You know those toy cars you have to drag backwards so it can spring forward? Now imagine that toy car is your life. In order to move forwards, sometimes you have to take a few steps back so you can wind-up to spring ahead, leading you right into a great victorious run! These “set backs” act as a learning curve to figure out what works and what doesn’t. HOWEVER DO NOT ALLOW “SETBACKS” DISCOURAGE YOU! I put that in capitals not to be dramatic but because it’s important. Sometimes you will have a bad day or two and that’s okay! Tomorrow the sun will rise, signaling another magnificent day of opportunity. 

This post became much longer than I intended! Whoops! As you can see, I’ve done my best in outlining what happiness means to me and how I personally achieve it. I truly hope it brought you a little insight but in all honesty it’s really up to you to own your own happiness! It’s all a matter of perception and seeing the tough terrains of life as an opportunity to grow and to move in your ideal direction.