The first few weeks as a first time mommy

The last few weeks have been both absolutely amazing and absolutely exhausting. Upon my baby girls arrival into this world I was excited but scared not knowing exactly what to expect. The second they put my sweet baby girl on my chest I cried and cried as I fell so in love with this child God has blessed me with. The following hours I spent learning how to breastfeed and cuddling my new bundle of joy as my epidural began to wear off. In terms of how my labour and delivery went, I will be filming a video soon so look out for that as this post is more about the aftermath. 

I haven't minded the sleepless nights cluster feeding my little baby girl Eloise. I enjoy every second of it. At first it was frustrating getting a good latch but I still found joy in the eyes of what was growing inside of me for the past nine months. To finally be able to see her, hold her, kiss her is truly a blessing that I don't take lightly. 

So in saying that, was it all sunshine and rainbows? Well first let me tell you a little about myself and the type of person I am. I am a very "do it yourself" type of person. I rarely ask for help if ever, I like to take a very hands on learning kind of approach as I'm extremely determined and self driven. So in saying that my biggest struggle postpartum so far has definitely been dealing with my recovery from a vaginal birth while trying to be this super mom I strive to be. For the first couple weeks, going to the bathroom was scary as hell as it often led me to crying in pain. I couldn't sit. I could barley take care of myself as I focused all my energy into taking care of Eloise. My husband has been a great help taking care of me don't get me wrong but I'm absolutely determined to exclusively breastfeed and my baby likes to eat A LOT! I'm talking like every hour or so. And during cluster feeds it was for 5 or 6 hours consecutively! 


Both mine and my husband's family have offered a helping hand but with my determination to exclusively breastfeed, I've declined. My husband has been a great support system in the best ways he can be. I mean I have time to write this post because he is currently distracting her, keeping her calm and collect. Also, we have a friend staying with us who has been cooking great and nutritious meals for us so that has been one of the greatest helps anyone could offer as this 24/7 breastfeeding momma is always hungry as you could imagine! Haha! 

As I look into Eloise's (currently) blue eyes, all I can think about is what an amazing future she will have and all the great things we look forward to enduring with her. I mean we already started planning our next Disney World vacation! Haha! No but in all seriousness I look forward to being able to provide her with the life I know she deserves as we teach her important Godly values while providing her with countless opportunities. 

My first few weeks as a mommy has certainly been a learning curve and I look forward to see what the future brings to our family.