Our children become what they consume

Hello my internet friends!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on my blog, I know! Life happens and I thought I should still hold on to writing even if it’s just about how life is going. At 28 years old, just when I think I’ve got everything figured out; I don’t and thats why I am here. To say, that it’s okay! Being a stay at home mom has many challenges and those challenges are consistently shifting as my toddlers needs advance. It kind of just how life is. Toddler or not, life doesn’t just stay at a stand still and is always moving like the Tectonic Plates shifting below the earth’s surface.


Today was a great day and for that I am grateful. My little two year old barely wanted any of my assistance during our time in the pool. Yes, she was wearing a floaty or whatever they’re called however, I watched her in awe as she let go of me so she can just float on her own. Laughing and giggling and really enjoying taking on the uncertainty of the great pool water. I am amazed at her independence and willingness to take on something on her own. I can tell she was hesitant to float on her back but she kept trying anyway. I am aware that her resilience and perseverance to conquer the task at hand is partially due to her innocence but as her mom, I want to keep that momentum going. I mean why teach our kids how to fly just to not let them fly?

The world is a scary place. Anything can happen at any given moment. We hear about it in the news all the time both tragedies and miracles are plastered everywhere for anyone who’s willing to absorb into their minds. At the end of the day, we choose to consume what we do, whether it be information, food, or even moods. We can’t control the things that go on in the world and we certainly can’t spend what little time we have on this earth worrying about them as my toddler spends her days, exploring, learning, playing etc… There is nothing like a young eager mind to inspire us and set an example on how we should tackle life. As their minds continue to grow, change and adapt they are generally happy unless we teach them otherwise.

Lesson of the day: Our children become what they consume. That is why it is so important to surround them with unconditional love and appreciation for who they are. Give them room to grow and it’s okay to let go and let them float on their own. After all, that is the goal. To raise self efficient, confident, kind, loving and caring young adults.