Should Childless Millennials be Banned From Disney World?

It seems this is a hot topic right now and considering anyone who knows me knows that I am a Disney fanatic, I figured I’d touch up on my opinion about this! There was a viral post a mother made expressing her displeasure with childless millennials at Disney World and if you’re not sure what I am talking about, I’ll include the original post below. But be warned, It does include foul language.


I am a little bias considering both my husband and I have been going to Disney World since even before we had our daughter and I am a millennial however I would like to point out that all the issues she had brought up could of very well been avoided, even if the crowds were high. Disney World for the most part is a kind of vacation that does require planning. The more you plan and research before your trip the more smoothly it goes. I get it, not everyone likes to plan or isn’t as organized and that’s fine. Then I would suggest going through a Disney vacations planner such as which is completely free to use!


In regards to waiting 3 hours for a ride; yeah I wouldn’t be too happy about that either in all fairness. But here’s the thing, I have NEVER had to wait in line for 3 hours for anything! Toddler or not, I just don’t like waiting for long periods of time for anything. I’d be cranky too! That is why it is so important to plan plan plan. 60 days from your Disney reservation (if you’re staying on property) at 7 am EST you can start booking your fastpass+ for rides and attractions. Basically this allows you to book an hour time slot for your favorite rides and you can bypass the long lines! The longest I have ever waited in a fast pass line is maybe 20 minutes tops but usually it’s less than that! If you’re not staying on property, you can start making these fastpass+ reservations 30 days ahead of time.

Speaking of lines, the lines at food stands or anywhere you would get food are sometimes long, I’ll give her that. However at Disney World those lines move pretty quickly! The service you get all across the board at Disney World is usually pretty amazing and even award winning. Also I should note, you could also mobile order with your phone ahead of time for a lot of food vendors. When your food is ready, you’ll get a message and you just go and pick it up. Easy peasy. We love eating from Casey’s Corner every time we go, even before mobile ordering existed and that place is always packed! Usually the lines in my experience, move quickly.

On that note, I would like to point out that it’s okay to say no to your kid every once in a while. Temper tantrums happen but we can’t just give our kids what ever they want so they don’t cry. When I see a cranky kid in public, my first thought is never, “Those are some bad parents!” It’s usually something more like “Their parents must be feeling stressed” or something like that. Just the other day, I took my daughter to the park and there was a kid throwing a temper tantrum as I saw his father calmly trying to deal with it. Eloise went up to the crying boy to say hi and instantly the tantrum was over. Even my kid sometimes throws tantrums when it’s time to leave fun places like the swimming pool. The trick is to handle the situation calmly and stick to your guns and with time the tantrums will dissipate. We can’t be blaming complete strangers for our children’s behavior.

I just think her overall attitude is not okay. We are all entitled to how we feel but dealing with it should never lead to taking it out on others or to bringing someone down. By the information she provided in this post, I hope she seeks some help to learn how to cope with her feelings. Bashing the woman for what she’s wearing is not the proper way to deal with your feelings.

At the end of the day, Walt Disney created his parks for people of ALL ages to enjoy. Whether you have children or not, there is something for everyone! I think everyone has a right to enjoy their interests and hobbies whether it’s knitting, scrapbooking, sports, restorations, art and yes, even DISNEY WORLD.

Have a magical day and yes even to the “childless millennials”!

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